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Neurotrauma Moulage

Traumatic Brain Injury

The Neurotrauma Moulage is a traumatic brain injury simulator, and incorporates a (very approximate) mathematic model of neurotrauma physiology. It is designed to simulate a range of conditions affecting the management of the injured brain, and to encourage a greater understanding of the main tenets of traumatic brain injury management - especially the prevention of secondary injury.

You will need an Internet browser that supports frames and javascript. The moulage is optimised depending on your screen resolution. The FAST ultrasound video requires a Quicktime plugin for your browser (though you can complete the moulage without).

The initial stages of the moulage take you through the acute, emergency department management of the head injured patient. Once on the intensive care unit you are faced with various scenarios and you have to act to minimise brain ischaemia. You will not be presented with the next scenario until you've managed to get the brain back to it's calm, blue, oxygenated state as in the picture below!

Features of the moulage:

The Neur-O-Vision global ischaemia monitor is a new, patented and totally fictional technology that allows real-time visualisation of the degree of global ischaemia present in the brain.

This highlights how critical periods in the patient care may reflect severe ischaemia, despite fairly minor physiological derangements.

The Neurotrauma Moulage monitor shows the various vital signs available at each stage of patient care, from the emergency department through to the intensive care department. Two buttons at the bottom of the monitor screen allow you to change the display:

This button allows you to view all vital signs, as if multimodality monitoring had been instituted from the moment the patient arrives in the emergency department.

The units button changes the PaCO2 units between kPa and mmHg.

Neurotrauma Physiology Simulator

You can run the the neurotrauma physiology simulator outside of the moulage scenario to examine cerebral responses to physiological derangements.

Neurophysiology Simulator

Neurotrauma Management:

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