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Cervical Spine Moulage

Moulage Four will test your ability to assess and clear a patient's cervical spine. There are six patients, all of whom have potential cervical spine injury. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to examine and appropriately investigate these patients. Should you fail, you will end up in court charged with negligence and general bad medicine, and we will disavow all knowledge of you. The moulage follows our guidelines for evaluation of the spine. You are only expected to assess for cervical spine injury, we will look after the rest. Be careful, as patient characteristics are not constant for different instances of the moulage.

To view this moulage you will need a browser that supports javascript and frames, such as Netscape Navigator 2+ or Internet Explorer 3+. You should probably have upgraded to one of these by now anyway. the moulage should be workable in all screen modes, but it is optimised for 800x600.

Please be nice to your patients, they could all be famous one day. Your first patient is selected for you at random.

Start Moulage

Initial Assessment and Management of Spinal Injury

     Spinal Stabilization
     Clinical Clearance
     Conscious Patients
     Unconscious Patients
     Thoracic & Lumbar Spine
     Paediatric Spinal Injury  

Interpreting the Lateral Cervical Spine X-Ray