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Welcome to TRAUMA.ORG's team leader decision scenarios. In these you are the trauma team leader in a well equipped and well staffed trauma receiving hospital. You are presented with multiple short scenarios and you must direct the patient (and the team) in the right direction. You have three potential options in each scenario. Choose wisely!

The moulages require an internet browser that supports frames and javascript, ideally Netscape 4+ or Internet Explorer 4+. Though they should work in most screen modes, they are optimised for 800x600 with font size set to small. We hope you enjoy the scenarios. More will be added regularly (25 currently).


Guide to the Navigation Bar:

The navigation bar at the bottom of the window has the following functions:

Score Back Pick
Any Q.
Next or
Skip Q.

Selecting the correct answer earns you 3 marks. One mark is subtracted for every wrong answer, to discourage guessing. If you do not select an answer no marks are deducted. Once you have selected your answer, click the 'Answer' button.