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Gunshot Hand (accidental)

Gunshot hand entry & exit wounds

Flying Doctor Service, AMREF, Kenya

Dog Bite to Forearm 02

Dog bite to forearm

Luis D. Velazco M.D, Mery Cortes M.D Barquisimeto Venezuela

shotgun injury to hand

shotgun injury to hand

Traumatic amputation of fingers

Traumatic amputation of fingers

Dr. Daniel Maia, Santa Casa de São Paulo, Brazil.

Left hand injuries from a milling machine

Left hand milling machine injury - at time of theatre

Camilo Villalta Rodriguez M.D. El Salvador

Left hand injuries from a milling machine - X-ray

Radiograph of left hand post milling machine injury

Camilo Villalta Rodriguez, M.D. El Salvador

Traumatic amputation of the hand

Traumatic amputation of the hand

Gabriel Mejia Consuelos, MD. SF-ACS-COT. Hospital General Balbuena. Mexico City


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