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Sternal fracture

Sternal fracture

Luis Filipe Pinheiro and Jo㯠Leit㯬 Hospital de Viseu, Portugal

Multiple left sided rib fractures

Multiple left sided rib fractures

Eduardo Bastos, Emergency Department, Mara, Brazil

Paediatric C2 fracture-dislocation

Paediatric C2 fracture dislocation (X-ray)

Dr Setthabutr Eaupanitcharoen, M.D. Trauma Division,Department of Surgery, Maharat Nakornratchasima Hospital, Nakornratchasima, Thailand


Initial Assessment of Spinal Injury

Spinal injury assessment and clearance

, April 01, 2002


The diagnosis of an unstable spinal injury and its subsequent management can be difficult, and a missed spine injury can have devastating long-term consequences. Spinal column injury must therefore…

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