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Management of Exsanguinating Pelvis Injuries

An algorithm for the management of exsanguinating pelvic trauma

Karim Brohi, London, UK, May 20, 2008

Severe pelvic injuries associated with disruption of pelvic vasculature carry an extremely high mortality.  A directed approach to management can significantly improve survival in this critical patient group.

Case Presentations

A Coeliac artery aneurysm - An uncommon risk of blunt abdominal trauma

Coeliac artery aneurysms are rarely seen clinically. We report an unusual case of a large coeliac artery aneurysm in a boxer who presented with vague abdominal pain and a pulsatile epigastric

Anas Abdullah, May 17, 2010

Coeliac arterial aneurysms are rare, but with significant risk of rupture, multiple methods of treatment have been successful and early recognition and intervention is crucial.

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