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Flail chest pulmonary contusion

Right flail chest and pulmonary contusion


Multiple left sided rib fractures

Multiple left sided rib fractures

Eduardo Bastos, Emergency Department, Marí¬©a, Brazil

Shotgun wound to chest

Shotgun wound to left chest

Luis Filipe Pinheiro, Hospital S㯠Teot󮩯, Viseu, Portugal

Thoracic gunshot - retroaortic bullet 01

Lung contusion & pneumothorax from gunshot



High energy blunt trauma

Leonardo Hassegawa - Curitiba, Brazil


Pulmonary Contusion

Chest Trauma
Pulmonary Contusion

, February 09, 2004

Pulmonary Contusion

Pulmonary contusion is an injury to lung parenchyma, leading to oedema and blood collecting in alveolar spaces and loss of normal lung structure & function. This blunt lung injury develops over the course of 24 hours, leading to poor gas exchange, increased pulmonary vascular resistance and decreased lung compliance.

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