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Right medial visceral rotation. IVC Injury.

Right medial visceral rotation for IVC injury

Luis Pinheiro. Viseu, Portugal

Brachial artery transection & shunt

Brachial artery injury with vascular shunt

Juan C Duchesne MD, SICU Director, Tulane, New Orleans

Paediatric nasogastric tube for vascular shunting

Paediatric nasogastric tube used as vascular shunt

Juan C Duchesne, SICU Director, Tulane New Orleans

Vascular Damage Control 1

Vascular shunts in femoral artery & vein

Luis Filipe Pinheiro, Hospital São Teotónio-Viseu, Portugal

Vascular Damage Control 3

Vascular damage control for supracondylar femur fracture

Luis Filipe Pinheiro Hospital São Teotónio-Viseu Portugal

Vascular Damage Control 2

Saphenous vein grafts to femoral artery & vein injuries

Luis Filipe Pinheiro, Hospital São Teotónio-Viseu, Portugal


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