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  • Cervical fracture-dislocation with spinal cord injury: MRI

    MRI of cervical fracture-dislocation with cord injury

    Nelson Morales, Neurosurgeon, Colombia

  • Paediatric Posterior Hip Dislocation

    Posterior hip dislocation in a child

    Siddhartha Sharma, Govt. Medical College, Jammu, India

  • Colon injury from air gun pellet in a 5 year old

    Colon perforations from airgun injury in a 5-year old.

    Fernando Joglar, MD, Subdirector, Puerto Rico Trauma Center, San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Traumatic flank hernia in a pediatric patient

    Abdominal wall hernia secondary to blunt trauma

    Fernando Joglar, Puerto Rico Trauma Center

  • Liver Explosion

    Grade V liver injury from gunshot

    Luis Filipe Pinheiro Hospital S. Teotónio - VISEU PORTUGAL

  • A hazard of in-car entertainment

    A hazard of in-car entertainment

    Dr David Hunter and Mr Keith Mulholland. Altnagelvin hospital Londonderry Northern Ireland