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The Trauma Image Database is intended as a repository of quality, useful trauma images on the internet. It is appropriately classified and searchable, with images freely available for educational use. Images are directed towards healthcare professionals and can be disturbing.

You can either use the categories on the right to browse the gallery or use the Image Search to select images by keyword. Example searches are:

  • laparotomy for all laparotomy images
  • kidney laparotomy for all images of kidney at laparotomy
  • kidney ois3 for all grade 3 kidney injuries (organ injury scale)

You can add new keywords to images if you feel they are appropriate.

Trauma care professionals from around the world regularly submit images of interest and educational value to the database. Please support this project and submit any appropriate images you may have, radiological or clinical, to us by clicking the Submit Image option at right.

Recently added images

  • Acute Epidural Haematoma in an 1,5yo Infant

  • Paediatric Neurotrauma From a Horse Kick to the Head

    Dr. Florentino Garduño-Hernández, Paediatric Neurologist, Hospital Universitario de Puebla, México. Neurologist

  • Blast injury to the diaphragm

    Repair of the left hemidiaphragm via a pericardial patch

    John Barba P.,César Benítez P., Gabriela Icaza Z, Elsa Freire M. CardioThoracic Surgery Team, Hospital Luis Vernaza - Universidad de Guayaquil, Ecuador.

  • Frontal base of skull fracture

    CT Head

    Luis Rafael Moscote-Salazar Neurosurgeon University of Cartagena Colombia

  • A dislocation of the lunate

    An AP and lateral radiograph of the left wrist

    Dr B. Hanterdsith

  • Pre-vertebral soft tissue swelling

    Lateral C-spine radiograph of the neck

    Dr B. Hanterdsith