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Hospital da Restauração, Recife - Pe, Brasil

Balloon tamponade of a transhepatic liver gunshot wound.  Damage control procedure.  The balloon is constucted of a penrose drain sutured to a foley catheter.  A Senstaken-blakemore tube is an alternative.  Image at time of laparotomy.

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camilosurgi, February 05, 2009

Considero que es una excelente alternativa y en mi pais El salvador ya sea usado en traumas hepaticos severos con buen exito para los pacientes. (I consider it an excellent alternative and in my country El Salvador, and is used in severe hepatic trauma with good success for patients.)

ray, March 05, 2009

Would a hemcon dsg been more suitable vs direct pressure control of bleeding?  Nice example of thinking quickly in order to control hemmorhage

Pablo Maricevich, March 30, 2009

Actually, this image is not of the re-look laparotomy. It is of the trans-op at the time of trauma. Also, a drain was placed to watch a possible bleeding. The ballon was removed at the 3rd day pos-op without necessity of re-look laparotomy. We just dried it up and push it out, living the drain there. Tha patient did not bleed anymore, but he developed a biliar fistula (showed by the drain) that needed a re-laparotomy to wash the abdominal cavity and place one more drain at the 10th day pos-op. After this, he had a good outcome and was discharged.
Thank you for the comments.

Dr Loffredo, Guayaquil Ecuador, July 10, 2013

Great; can be used with multiple trauma to abdomen with packing and a relook 2 or 3 days later.

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