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Home > Images > Stab Wound to the Heart = Balloon Occlusion of Right Ventricle Wound

Juan C Duchesne MD, NO, Tulane

Ballon occlusion of right ventricle stab wound. (Fogarty catheter)

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yigitozgun, February 01, 2009

why didn’t you prefer suturing instead of ballon tamponade?

Jpaciello1988, Utica, NY, September 16, 2009

it is possible that if this stab wound was sutured instead of a balloon occlusion because if it were sutured, there would still be small openings on the wound and blood could leak out during systole(contracting of the heart). with a balloon in place, it is almost guarenteed that the wound will be sealed off better and there will be less of a chance of hypovolemia thus redusing the possible outcome of a hemothorax causing further complications.

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