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Home > Images > Stab Wound to the heart - Sternotomy & Balloon Occlusion

Juan Duchesne, NO, Tulane

Fogarty Catheter Ballon Occlusion of Right Ventricle Stab Wound

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Karim, London, UK, July 31, 2008

Juan - Did you really use a Fogarty catheter?  People talk about using Foley catheters but I’ve had poor experience with them, and a large balloon can obstruct inflow/outflow of the cardiac chamber.  Does the Fogarty work well.  Is this a size 6?

Tim Hardcastle, August 14, 2008


Why the nasty multiple incisions? Was this a thoraco-lap with other injuries?

Karim - I’ve used the Foley, it works well on the (R) ventrical and the atrua, but is a hassle on the left as the muscle is thick and the space limited. I still find that a raidly placed 3/0 proline suture, with no pledgets works for most injuries!


Karim, London, UK, August 15, 2008

@Tim: I’ve used the foley too but never been very impressed with it.  Juan was describing using a Fogarty though - which I’ve not tried.

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