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Home > Images > Vascular Trauma > Pelvic fracture causing hypovolaemic shock

Dr B. Hanterdsith

This patient was brought to the emergency department following a road traffic collision. He was suffering from hypovolemic shock from an associated pelvic fracture. The primary and secondary surveys showed no evidence of unstable pelvic fracture such as swollen scrotum, leg-length discrepancy, or rotational deformity. The AP radiograph of the pelvis showed bilateral fractures of the superior and inferior pubic rami and a fracture of the right femoral greater trochanter. These pubic rami fractures caused massive retroperitoneal haemorrhage due to severe injury to both external iliac vessels. so this type of fracture should be classified as unstable pelvic fracture. The authors propose this type of injury should be classified as an unstable pelvic fracture.

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