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Home > Images > Vascular Trauma > Vascular damage control via a shunt

Dr D Allard, Trauma Surgeon, GF Jooste Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa

This patient sustained a superficial femoral artery and vein laceration following a penetrating knife injury. In South Africa we use intravascular 'shunts' (IV lines, drains etc.) when the operative conditions are not in favour of extensive vascular repair, as was the case here. Following ICU resuscitation the patients condition (and the surgical set-up) improved and definitive surgical treatment was performed. The outcome was a limb with normal function.

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Luis Pinheiro, Viseu - Portugal, March 28, 2011

Very good Denis! I use shunts too with the same indications and if the orthopedist needs to perform some kind of repair. I do temporary shunt first allowing the limb beeing perfused during the osteotaxis or external fixation. After that, a definitive repair may be performed if indicated.
How did you dealt with the vein? Simple ligation?
Greetings from Portugal

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