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TRAUMA.ORG exists to promote and disseminate the knowledge and practice of injury prevention and trauma care throughout the world. Using the Internet it aims to provide accurate, current information in the field of trauma, and present an interactive forum for trauma care providers throughout the globe. TRAUMA.ORG aims to provide a repository for educational materials, sources of information, details of forthcoming events and original articles, relating to the field of trauma care.

Bringing together the knowledge and experience of doctors, nurses, paramedics, researchers and all groups directly and indirectly related to trauma management, it has established an on-line, global, trauma community that promotes and furthers the care of the injured patient.

The TRAUMA.ORG web site and its associated mailing list, the trauma-list, was established in 1995. Site accesses have increased exponentially alongside the growth of the internet. Currently we are transmitting 32 gigabytes of information per month as 1,130,000 pages to 93,000 visitors in 110 countries. The site is linked to by over 3000 sites on the Internet and has been reviewed and recommended in the British Medical Journal, Archives of Surgery and a numerous conferences and meetings around the world.

This web site is an area for health care professionals only. Material on this site is NOT suitable for members of the general public. Requests for information from the general public will not be answered.

Please read our disclaimer for further information.

Services for the trauma & critical care community


TRAUMA.ORG's primary aim is to promote trauma care and increase knowledge and understanding of trauma and its management. The Internet allows us to provide up-to-date information and guidance to all corners of the globe, to places where resources such as textbooks and libraries are difficult to come by. Information on these pages conforms to the 'Health on the Net' code of practice and is fully identified and referenceable.

Trauma Library: An educational materials repository covering all aspects of trauma care, from injury prevention through to definitive surgical techniques covering all specialties related to trauma.

Image Database: A unique, structured database of images related to trauma and it's management, freely available for personal use. The imagebank is growing rapidly as more people submit their high-quality, informative images.

Interactive Scenarios: The interactive trauma simulations, or 'moulages' were the first of their kind on the internet and remain some of the most complex. They are used around the world to train doctors, nurses and paramedics in trauma care. The Trauma Team Leader Decision Scenarios test both knowledge and decision-making ability.


Trauma-list Discussion Group: The trauma-list has over 2700 members making it one of the largest and most active specialist medical discussion groups on the Internet. Participants are mainly doctors, with trauma and general surgery, orthopaedics, anaesthesia and critical care being the most prominent specialties. The remainder of the membership is composed of trauma nurses and paramedics. Discussions cover all aspects of trauma care - burning issues and difficult patients. Pertinent discussions are archived on the web site.

Training and Jobs

The Resources: section holds all information on training, appointments, student electives and other web resources for trauma care.

Conference Listings: Conferences and courses in trauma and critical care around the world are announced on our main conference page. We also hold information on bodies responsible for administration of the Advanced Trauma Life Support course and the Definitive Surgical Trauma Care course.

Fellowship Database: The largest and most up-to-date listing of trauma fellowships around the world the fellowship database current lists over 110 institutions offering specialist training in trauma specialties

Student Electives Database: A database that allows medical students to locate units around the world that will introduce them to the different and exciting faces of trauma care.

Appointments: Our jobs page lists current available positions in trauma and critical care.

Contributing material to trauma.org

Submissions for inclusion to the Trauma.org web site are always welcome. Preferred articles are in a 'review', 'current opinion' or 'editorial' format. Please contact the site director, Karim Brohi, for discussion of possible subjects. We also accept case presentations and picture or video submissions to the imagebank - these can now be submitted directly through the website.

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