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An Iliac Nutrient Foramen Bleed in The Delayed Revision of an Acetabular Fracture

Jianshun Wang, November 18, 2011

Despite the challenges of delayed revision of acetabular fractures, severe haemorrhage leading to haemodynamic instability is not often encountered. Immediate intraoperative detection and cessation of the bleeding source is vital. We present a case highlighting an iliac nutrient foramen haemorrhage which almost resulted in a lethal haemorrhage during an open reduction of a delayed ace tabular fracture via the ilioinguinal approach.

Bilateral lower extremity gunshot wound with arterial and venous injury

Gunshot injury to both lower limbs requiring vascular damage control

sam zeraatian nejad davani, December 26, 2010

20 years old man after civilian gunshot wound, arrived in our emergency department with profound shock and ongoing bleeding from gunshot wounds to both thighs.