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Thoracic Trauma

August 13, 2012
Cardiac laceration


A patient was transferred to the Emergency Department of our hospital, having sustained two major stab injuries to the upper abdomen.

December 22, 2010
Traumatic diaphragmatic Injury (Right side)

b banga,

A middle aged female presented with multiple # ribs and right side haemothorax after a road accident. A chest tube was put in to drain the hemothorax. She was comfortable, no respiratory distress and maintaining the oxygen saturation without oxygen supplementation. There is decrease air entry at base and check X-ray revealed markedly elevated diaphragm on Rt. Side.

C.T.Chest-suspicion of traumatic diaphragmatic hernia with herniation of liver in thorax. I planned lateral thoracotomy through 7th I.C.space. Before opening I put Laparoscope through chest tube site and confirmed the diagnosis. Liver and a part of colon were in thorax. After opening both structures could be reduced easily. Rent in diaphragm repaired with 1/0 Prolene suture. Post operative – uneventful recovery

October 18, 2010
A Stab Wound to the Right Auriculoventricular Junction

sam zeraatian nejad davani,

A patient came to our hospital trauma center with profound shock following a stab attack. The stab entry point was the right anterior chest wall. The injury was repaired and the patient discharged following a good recovery.

August 21, 2010
Aortic Dissection in Blunt Trauma

Tiffany Frederickson, MD,

A patient involved in a car accident causing his vehicle to roll, sustained an aortic dissection just distal to the renal arteries requiring open aortic grafting to repair it.

July 31, 2010
Biventricular shotgun injury of the heart

sam zeraatian nejad davani,

20 years old man came with profound shock and bilateral massive hemothorax and jugular vein distension as result of cardiac tamponade. He underwent successful cardiac repair and had an uneventful post operative course.

January 10, 2009
Penetrating Cardiac Injuries

Denis Allard, GF Jooste hospital Manenberg,

82% survival in 35 consecutive stab heart patients was achieved in a South African metropolitan community hospital during the year 2008. Excellent and expediant prehospital management, skilled emergency room personnel and available surgical skill is necessary to achieve these results. The survival rate depends on the number of patients analyzed. The last 160 patients have a 70% survival rate, the last 35 patients have an 82% survival rate. Every surgical team can achieve good results under appropriate leadership.

March 15, 2008
Impalement on the top of fence

Edoardo Ghirardi,

Thoracic trauma caused by a dart on the top of a fence.

July 27, 2007
Thoracic gunshot and retroaortic bullet

Karim Brohi, London, UK,

The patient sustained a gunshot wound to the lower right thorax. He was admitted to the emergency department and remained haemodynamically normal throughout his assessment. There was a right pneumothorax…

July 01, 2006
Classic Case: Tension Haemothorax

Karim Brohi, London, UK,

A classic description of tension haemothorax.

July 01, 2006
Classic Case: Tension Gastrothorax

Karim Brohi, London, UK,

A rare case of tension gastrothorax following blunt trauma and diaphragmatic rupture.