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Skeletal Trauma

Standards for the management of open fractures of the lower limb

Karim Brohi, London, UK BOAST Guidelines from the British Orthopaedic Association and the British Association of Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeons

New comprehensive, evidence based guidelines on the management of open fractures should lead to reorganisation of service delivery and a more comprehensive approach to these potentially catastrophic injuries.

Management of Exsanguinating Pelvis Injuries

Karim Brohi, London, UK An algorithm for the management of exsanguinating pelvic trauma

Severe pelvic injuries associated with disruption of pelvic vasculature carry an extremely high mortality.  A directed approach to management can significantly improve survival in this critical patient group.

The Ideal Pelvic Binder

Karim Brohi, London, UK What's important in a pelvic binder?

Pelvic binders have replaced external fixation for the immediate stablization of pelvic ring fractures.  This article describes the features to look for, and avoid, in choosing a pelvic binder.

Combined Vascular & Skeletal Trauma

, Stanford University

Eric Frykberg discusses the management of these complex injuries.

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