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Module 3: Torso Trauma

Module 3 covers injury to the chest, abdomen and pelvis. It starts with the management of unstable torso trauma and the role of diagnostic imaging or torso trauma. it then moves on to cover the stable patient with blunt and penetrating torso injuries, followed by a detailed series on individual organ injuries.

Trauma Sciences Module 3 Lecture Components

Introduction to Module 3 Karim Brohi, London, UK
Torso Trauma - A Practical Approach to the Primary Survey Tony Joseph, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
The Unstable Patient with Blunt Torso Trauma Grant Christey, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND
Reading the Trauma Chest X-ray Sujit Vaidya, London, UK
Reading the Trauma Pelvis X-ray Muaaze Ahmad, London, UK
FAST Ultrasound Examination Tim Harris, London, UK
The Unstable Patient with Penetrating Torso Trauma Karim Brohi, London, UK
Thoracostomy & Chest Tubes Chris Aylwin, London, UK
Resuscitative Thoracotomy - How to Do It Gareth Davies, London, UK
Trauma Thoracotomy Art Hill, San Francisco, USA
Trauma Laparotomy Scott D'Amours, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Anaesthesia for Major Torso Trauma - How I Do It Rhys Thomas, London, UK
Damage Control Angiography Tim Fotheringham, London, UK
Exsanguinating Pelvic Trauma Gary Maytham, London, UK
Angioembolisation for Pelvic Trauma Tim Fotheringham, London, UK
Extraperitoneal Pelvic Packing Tina Gaarder, Oslo, NORWAY
Open Pelvic Fractures - Difficult Decisions Peter Bates, London, UK
Trauma to Junctional Zones Nigel Tai, London, UK
The 'Stable' Patient with Blunt Torso Trauma - Evaluation & Decisions Damian McMahon, Canberra, AUSTRALIA
'Stable' Penetrating Torso Trauma - Evaluation & Decisions Andrew Pearce, Adelaide, AUSTRALIA
Trauma CT Sujit Vaidya, London, UK
Resuscitation Room CT - The Karolinska Experience Bertil Leidner; Mats Beckman, Stockholm, SWEDEN
CT-Based Trauma Resuscitation - the AMC ExperienceCarel Goslings, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
Managing Torso Trauma Without a CT Scanner Denis Allard, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
Aortic Trauma: Multidetector CT Stuart Mirvis, Baltimore, USA
Endovascular Management of Traumatic Aortic Injury Matthew Matson, London, UK
Lung Injury Tim Hardcastle, KwaZulu-Natal, USA
Transmediastinal Injuries Juan Duchesne, New Orleans, USA
Rib Fractures John Mayberry, Portland, USA
Abdominal Vascular Injuries Carl Wahlgren, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Liver & Spleen Injury: Pathology & Outcomes Duncan Bew, London, UK
Non-operative Management of Liver & Spleen Injury Rochelle Dicker, San Francisco, USA
Operative Management of Liver Trauma Ari Leppaniemi, Helsinki, FINLAND
Angioembolization in the Management of Spleen & Liver Trauma Christine Gaarder, Oslo, NORWAY
CT of Bowel & Mesenteric Injuries Kathirkamanathan Shanmuganathan, Baltimore, USA
Pancreas & Duodenal Injury Ronald Gross, Springfield, USA
Crush Injury Nick Newton, London, UK


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