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Module 1: Trauma the Disease & Systems of Care

Module 1 introduces the concept of Trauma as a disease and its public health implications. The module examines the impact of trauma around the world and its epidemiology. It then covers the history of trauma care and the development of trauma centres and trauma systems . The module then moves into an examination of mechanisms of injury the principles of prehospital care and mass casualty management. Finally it examines the role of clinical governance in trauma, performance improvement programmes, outcomes measurement and injury scoring systems.

Trauma Sciences Module 1 Lecture Sample Components

Introduction to Module 1 Karim Brohi, London, UK
Epidemiology - The Global Burden of Disease Sara Tacci, London, UK
Motorised Transport - It's All About Energy Ian Roberts, London, UK
Epidemiology of paediatric injuries Breda O'Neil, London, UK
Violence and Social Deprivation in Europe Dinesh Sethi, WHO, Geneva, Switzerland
Child Pedestrian Injuries in sub-Saharan Africa Karen Zimmerman, WHO, Geneva, Switzerland
Trauma in War - Historical Context Chris Aylwin, London, UK
History of Trauma - Prehistory & Early Trauma Care Chris Aylwin, London, UK
Injury Prevention in Trauma Michael Sise, San Diego, USA
Anatomy of a Car Crash Gareth Davies, London, UK
Bicycle Injuries Ross Davenport, London, UK
Pedestrian Injuries Sara Tacci, London, UK
Jumpers & Fallers Tom Konig, London, UK
Construction injuries in Dubai Ruben Peralta, Dubai, UAE
Penetrating Injuries Jan Jansen, Birmingham, UK
The Development of Modern Prehospital Care Will Chapleau, Chicago, USA
Triage in Civilian Major Incidents Anne Weaver, London, UK
Triage & Processes in Mass Casualty Management Eric Frykberg, Jacksonville, USA
The evidence for helicopter transport in trauma care Hans-Morten Lossius, Stavager, NORWAY
Trauma Systems - Components of a trauma system Avery Nathens, Toronto, CANADA
Development of the Victorian Trauma System Peter Cameron, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Development of the London Trauma System Michael Walsh, London, UK
The Evidence for Trauma Systems Karim Brohi, London, UK
Trauma Systems for Rural Environments Norman McSwain, New Orleans, USA
Trauma Systems in the Developing World Susan Brundage, New York, USA
Costs of Trauma & Trauma Systems Tracy Parr, London, UK
What is a Trauma Centre? Ross Davenport, London, UK
Running a Trauma Centre Sheldon Teperman, New York, USA
Rehabilitation in Trauma Systems Clarence Liu, London, UK
Performance Improvement for Trauma Systems Nigel Tai, London, UK
Quality Indicators in Trauma Care Tom Stelfox, Calgary, CANADA
WHO Trauma Quality Improvement Programme Susan Brundage, New York, USA
Acute Rehabilitation Needs After Trauma Karen Hoffman, London, UK
Outcome Measurement in Trauma Russell Gruen, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Long Term Outcomes after Trauma Karen Hoffman, London, UK
Predicting Outcomes & Scoring Systems Matthew Borgman, Boston, USA
Data Collection & Trauma Registries Kjetil Ringdal, Stavanger, NORWAY


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