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Norwegian LTP Video

Doc Holiday drydok at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 11 22:10:09 BST 2016

From: S Schecter
> What is everyone's thought on the lateral trauma position?

--> The "recovery position" and the procedure shown in the clip you have sent is something taught as a part of our Advanced Life Support course (UK version of ACLS) and first aid courses since before I started teaching in the UK, so as early as the beginning of the 90s. No idea how long before that they were already "famous". They still teach it.

Just google "recovery position" and look in the video lists... The first I clicked on is 10 years old...

It's not news. The only thing which is a deviation from the routine I am familiar with is the addition of the cervical collar...

Which is some funny timing, as collars are just about the one thing we've been doing away with over the past few years...

(BTW, does anyone know whether the LTP position as shown in the video has been compared to the same process without a collar, but still with support of the head at the neutral position?)

And I wonder what this position does for someone with a pelvic fracture... Or a femur shaft fracture... And which way do you turn with multiple rib fractures on one side... Or with bilateral rib fractures...

But I can't say that more patients will suffer/benefit from this position as compared to supine. There appear to be pros & cons to both positions and patients will differ. I am pretty certain that I have not noticed the need to look into a new position for trauma victims. I would also not stop anyone who has a system of using LTP from using it. Still, as they are so different from "the rest of the world", they do have an opportunity to generate some decent level evidence as to the benefit of what they do. If/when such evidence is produced, I'd be interested in looking at it.

Finally, I suspect that there should be no law of nature which would stop a pre-hospital system from using BOTH methods, guided by protocols to indicate which patients should have which position (although, as stated, for now, I see no evidence/reason to add the LTP option to what I already see here).


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