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listasmsd listasmsd at gmail.com
Tue May 26 13:48:24 BST 2015

What a Memorial Day stands for: ....in USA had their people fought wars to 
preserve their Nations Rights written in the Constitution. The Commemoration 
started after the American Civil war (a war to stop slavery). From then on 
is used to commemorate the American soldiers deaths in any event. To 
families that lost their love ones is a moment of remembrance. These are 
more or less the words of my professor of American Culture Course way back 
when I went to college and a classmate saluted him with a happy Memorial 
day. Most Nations that have fought in wars have their memorial day too.
Best regards
Manuel Sotelo
Caracas, Venezuela
In modern days is when summer time starts in the USA and also it the time of 
"saving specials" in the stores.

Why You Should Never Wish Anyone a 'Happy Memorial Day'

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