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Helicopter to the ER

Doc Holiday drydok at hotmail.com
Thu May 7 16:45:48 BST 2015

From: mark.f.scott at gmail.com> business follows the principles of supply and demand. As the article notes

--> Must admit I stopped reading the article before the end. But it does, indeed, appear as if this principle applies. When I go to the airport, I see a number of ForEx desks with ridiculous margins. Everyone knows (and if they didn't, their smart phones would tell them) that rates are better everywhere else and one would simply be throwing money away. But, of course, the principle of supply and demand applies. If, for some reason, say, you're in a rush or an emergency or too busy to have done it before, whatever, you have the "demand" and are pretty much obliged to use their service. You are in no position to decide otherwise. Ditto if you're lying in the field injured and dazed and a helo lands to pick you up - you're in no position to avoid being the "demand"...

A business simply needs to make enough effort to exploit situations where you cannot "make use" of competition in the way it should work for the system to be "decent"...


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