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Non-CT radiological investigation of facial trauma

James Smirniotopoulos james-smirnio at usuhs.mil
Fri Jan 20 10:53:59 GMT 2012

The current "standard of care" is thin section MDCT with 3D or other reconstructions as needed.  Radiologists in North America are no longer being trained to read plain films.  MR is better for somethings, but CT for facial trauma is still the standard.

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>>> Stephen Richey  01/20/12 1:40 AM >>>
I have a question for the members of the list regarding assessment of
facial trauma using x-rays in the setting where CT or MRI is not
available.  What studies would you want done to as completely as
possible rule out facial and anterior cranial fossa fracture?  I am
working on a paper advocating for more complete documentation of
injuries in trauma victims at autopsy (for reasons of studying injury
biomechanics) and one of the major problems with the current data is
that it is lacking in sufficient detail.  One way of remedying this is
to advocate increased radiographic techniques.  CT or MRI while
optimal is not always an option although it seems to be becoming more
and more popular.

Thank you to everyone who has any input on this matter.

Stephen Richey
Founder and Chief Researcher/Designer
Kolibri Aviation Safety Research
5174-B Winterberry Circle
Indianapolis, IN 46254

 "I think the best thing, and the only thing in our infinite
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families.  That is 'Those deaths will not be in vain. We will not let
them be in vain. Every one of those lives will be made to count in
terms of making sure that three, four, five or ten other people do not
die."- John J. Nance
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