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Alright, , Lets Call it a Draw

Charles S. Krin krin135 at aol.com
Tue Dec 18 13:10:55 GMT 2012

from the Amazon.com write up on the book (which is now on my wish list for Christmas), reference

Alright, Let's Call it a Draw: The Life of John Pryor [Paperback]
  Richard J Pryor       (Author), John P Pryor (Contributor)  

Dr. John Pryor never thought he was in any real danger as a combat surgeon. After all, he wasn’t going out on patrols, risking his life dodging IEDs. Unlike the grunts fighting urban combat, he remained safe within the confines of the Combat Support Hospital. So, no one was more surprised than John when a rocket blast claimed his life on Christmas morning, 2008. He was 42 years old. This incredible narrative details the life of a modern-day patriot and humanitarian. Throughout his life Dr. Pryor refused to ignore that inner voice compelling him to serve, both his fellow man and the country he loved. Funny, poignant, powerful, and ultimately tragic, this vivid memoir guides you through a personal and intimate account of Dr. Pryor’s life—from speeding in an ambulance as a teenager, to medical school in Grenada; from operating on trauma victims, to searching the rubble on 9-11 and battling death as combat surgeon in Iraq. Dr. Pryor’s untimely death not only cheated us of his surgical skills and medical knowledge, but the greater life lessons he championed: integrity, honesty, altruism and humanity. Alright, Let’s Call it a Draw is a inspirational narrative meant to salvage these lessons and share them with those he left behind.



Charles S. Krin, DO
Retired FM/EM/EMS Physician; Author and Educator



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In a message dated 12/17/2012 10:31:13 A.M. Central Standard  Time, 
Ronald.Gross at baystatehealth.org writes:

"if you do not have a binary mind you would know that the NAzis had  good 
sides"Charles, are you serious, or just truly insane?  Why did I  even ask - 
you must be insane; your comments are disgusting, reprehensible and  
horrifying to anyone with a conscience.
I ONCE again want to Re-FOCUS the SUBJECT LINE of these  posts to why I 
initially chose this subject line.    Dr. John  Pryor wrote a book by this name 
(ALRIGHT, LETS CALL IT A  DRAW).   I reflected on this book which I read at 
ONE sitting, and  how some of the issues for trauma surgeons, and war, and 
mass killings in  schools and malls have some of the same moral conflicts.   
   I have no problem with your discussions, but would plead that you NOT 
use the  title of Dr. Pryor's book in your discussions, unless you have read  
it.   It can be purchased on Kindle Books very cheaply and makes  wonderful 
read.    Dr. Pryor, a Trauma Surgeon, died on  Christmas Day about 4 years 
ago of a GSW to the head.    

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