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Alright, , Lets Call it a Draw

Charles Brault c_brault at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 16 15:23:53 GMT 2012

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From: Charles S. Krin <krin135 at aol.com>
To: trauma-list at trauma.org
Sent: Sunday, December 16, 2012 8:10 AM
Subject: Re: Alright, , Lets Call it a Draw


1: Please show *anywhere* in the world where removing the right of effective self defense has *increased* the overall safety of women and children. (effective self defense in this case means that a 98 pound woman can defend herself against a 300 pound athletic man in real time.) I made that challenge on another forum a decade ago, and no one was willing to take it up.
Gun control is not an effective tool
It is a mere reflection of societal values
If an open society FEELS the need to control automatic weapons
It probably FEELS the need for poverty control, strong social program that encourages societal cohesiveness and reduction of self destructive behaviors

2: Please revisit the statistics-the US has far more legal weapons in private hands per capita than any country (excepting perhaps Switzerland and Israel), and once you eliminate gang and drug related violence, one of the lowest rates of violence (including suicide) overall. Do you really think that further prohibitions of firearms are going to prevent criminals from obtaining those 'tools of their trade?'

This is a strong American characteristics
Dismissing all these "Drug" murders, "Gang" violence, Those "Blacks" "hillbillies", "Trailer trash" "Meth heads" and "indians"
As not realy being your Problem

When in fact
These are ALL Americans
And if you treated as such
It would go in some way in reducing desenfranchisement and associated deviant behaviors

Other countries DO feel a stronger concern for the poverty, misery and violence of their fellow citizren
And are more pro-active Largely instinctively
But also more and more Empiracily
In addressing these problems (with varying level of success - But CLEARLY more succesful that the USA)

The American PAtriotic values is largely based on the Admiration of their "Winners"
And largely ignore their Losers

And they never feel so close to each other
As when their are being attacked

3: Please revisit your history books: Despite Hollywood, folks in the 'Wild West' were more likely to die from disease or accidents than firearms. The same was true in military campaigns up until WWII, as you should know from your experience in the military.
Life expectancy was around 50 years
Life was cheap

Cancer, heart disease, raod accdients, swimming pools are also big killers

Relativising the 12,000 to 32,000 American that died yearly
Is a big part of the problem

ALL advanced countries would be SCHOCKED by these levels of violence
And would do manay, many things to address the probelm

The Americans have grown immune to their level of violence, Poverty, poor basic education

And I do not see a societal shift any time soon
Perhaps because their is not so much a sense of society in the USA
Than a sense of an accumulation of individuals ? ? ?


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