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Alright, , Lets Call it a Draw

Jel Coward jel at wildmedic.org
Sat Dec 15 23:18:51 GMT 2012

On guns.

Why would most folks _need_ one? (yes there are some who could be said to
_need_ a hunting type firearm in some circumstances - farmers etc - I live

One might _want_ one for the sports of hunting or target shooting.

I have never understood the attempt at sanitising weapons via the
comparison with 'cars don't kill people, drunk drivers do'.    Cars can
pretty much be described as a 'need' in most of modern society.......and in
meeting that need we 'accept'  that they get misused at times, and this
results in death.   To meet a 'need' we accept a risk.
What _need_ are assault weapons, handguns etc meeting?    Perhaps I might
suggest that that 'need' is sold as the 'need' to say we are 'free'.   I
think that is a flawed argument for freedom.     Even if we do value the
freedom to own a firearm alongside using a motor vehicle, perhaps we need
to add into our equation how much freedom is added to by public ownership
of firearms vs how much freedom is detracted from, by such ownership.

I don't get it.

Note - I am not saying that gun control would necessarily fix the mass
slayings that occur in N American (and other) societies - neither am I
saying they won't - I don't know that data/science.
I think there is data showing that reducing the amount of acetaminophen
that can be sold at once does reduce serious overdose rates ie. there might
be some evidence that reducing the means does reduce the act.

.....and I feel somehow dirty that this terrible course of events takes me
to discussing such things as the above, despite clean intentions, somehow
it feels I/we sully the deaths of those beautiful children........perhaps
not rational, so no need to criticise.....just an emotion that I felt I had
to express

Kind thoughts to all.


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