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Recent Incident

Ruy Cabello-Pasini ruycabello at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 15 18:23:28 GMT 2012

I always read with interest all what is posted here. I feel very sad because of the lives lost in the recent shooting and my feelings are with the families affected with this tragedy.  Unlike others I do not think it's wrong discussing gun control issues at this time, of course what everybody wants is for this to never happen again.  I understand some of you who think that the instrument (gun) is not the problem, but please keep in mind that is PART of the problem, I think that instrument AND availability both fall in the Environment and Pre-Event "square" off the Haddon Matrix of Injury Prevention.  I post this because in my country you start to hear people and politicians talking about more liberal gun control laws, especially when we are affected by drug-related violence. I do not think this is the answer. 
Ruy Cabello-Pasini, MD
Trauma Surgeon

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