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Don't requote entire messages

James Bradley jebradley at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 05:41:32 BST 2012

I receive the trauma-list via a digest, and just received Vol 106, Issue 13.
It has a total of 81 lines of message and 2597 lines of requoted 
messages (2 of the 3 requoted the entire digest). I already get the 
digest. I don't need to have the digest requoted in its entirety. 
Everyone on this list is intelligent. Why don't you use it (and show a 
little internet courtesy), and cut out a snippet of the message you're 
commenting about, or set you phone or browser to NOT requote the message 
being replied to. It would make most messages easier to read and follow.
Thank you.
Jim Bradley -- currently in Zambia and paying for downloads by the byte 
(and that bites).

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