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trauma-list Digest, Vol 106, Issue 9

Gross, Ronald Ronald.Gross at baystatehealth.org
Mon Apr 16 14:26:20 BST 2012

Dr. Mattox has been saying that for years.  And on another note (I have not been following the threat ('cause clinical/admin load has been a bit "rigorous") but regarding Errington's post as I see it a pericardial tap in any acute presentation is useless and all but abandoned since ultrasound has become almost universal (and even where it isn't!).  If I am not correct, it is even disregarded in the latest ATLS edition


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I've seen a few CT and autopsy studies that indicate that the needles don't get into the pleural space ~60% of the time (at least in the US -- home of the Whopper!)
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>>> John Hall <jrhmdtraum at aol.com> 4/16/2012 8:21 AM >>>
I am seeing more and more people inserting bilateral chest tubes.  Never was taught this and have not seen it written (why better than bilateral needles).   Anybody?

I go for open chest thoracotomy if cardiac rhythm
     A.  Closed chest CPR is proven worthless
     B.  You get benefits of all other maneuvers
     C.  If you are going to save the guy, it is the only way.

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Professor of Surgery

Also,  is it possible for people to "cut" the entire message out when posting ?

On Apr 16, 2012, at 4:29 AM, trauma-list-request at trauma.org wrote:

>>> Subject: Re: crushing case
>>> I have not followed this thread. But it appears from the presentation u
>>> have PEA. Need to go thru the drill. Bilateral chest tubes. Pericardial
>>> tap. Fluids.
>>> Errington C. Thompson, MD
>>> Trauma/Critical Care
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