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KMATTOX at aol.com KMATTOX at aol.com
Mon May 30 14:38:51 BST 2011

War and Injury are so very closely interconnected.     Advances in patient 
management made during wartime are immediately applicable to  civilian 
practice and visa versa.     
It is appropriate that we pause on this day, set aside as a holiday  in the 
United States to honor those who have served, and most especially those  
who have given their lives in the service of their country during military  
Immediately, a list of physicians, of surgeons comes to mind who have  died 
during wartime in one of the many wars of our  history.      I would ask 
readers to name and reflect  on those names in detail.       
We take our liberties so much for granted.    It is  our liberty and our 
freedom which allows us to make so many advances and to  practice as we were 
Never to be forgotten are also the men and women who were not  physicians, 
but gave of themselves and served us so that we may be  free.      A word of 
gratitude to them and to their  families during this day of remembrance.  
K Mattox

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