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Re: categorization of emergency operations

johnbeckham51@yahoo.com johnbeckham51 at yahoo.com
Wed May 11 20:06:05 BST 2011

As a paramedic in New Orleans for some time I have the pleasure of knowing some of the doctors on this list and have the highest respect for them. I have a question about RTS, on the trauma.org website there is a RTS calculator. I input values for a stable patient and it gives RTS of 7.  I have been taught and have always been told that 12 is as high as it can be. The same page as the calculator puts the highest RTS as 7.6 or so. 
Am I missing something or just not reading it correctly.
   Thank you 
John Beckham 

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From: "caesar ursic" <cmursic at gmail.com>
Date: Tue, May 10, 2011 2:59 pm
Subject: categorization of emergency operations
To: "Trauma-List [TRAUMA.ORG]" <trauma-list at trauma.org>

I would be grateful for comments by the list members on what, if anything,
you do to categorize your emergency trauma cases with respect to the urgency
of the case at the time of booking/posting the case with the operating room.

I would assume that you need and expect to get faster OR access for a stab
wound to the heart than, let's say, for a hemodynamically normal patient
with small bowel evisceration through an abdominal stab wound, than for a
grade two open fracture of the tibia with normal neurovascular function.

Does anyone categorize trauma cases for this purpose?  For example, a
Category I would be "need to go right now,"  Category II "need to go within
30 minutes"  Category III "within one hour", and so forth and so on.

The utility of adopting such a system would seem to be in allowing one's
quality assurance / performance improvement & patient safety (PIPS) process
to truly determine if and when there are delays in OR access.

Thanks in advance

C. Ursic, MD
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