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Tips & tricks for managing caval and retrohepatic injuries

Jonathan Lundy jlundy1313 at yahoo.com
Sat May 7 02:28:16 BST 2011

I have read this technique...I fixed one last week as part of an extended (stapled) right hepatectomy for grade V injury in setting of young male with bad SDH needing craniotomy and hypotensive...with nonanatomic resection it made retrohepatic cava exposure more ideal.
I also have ligated a right hepatic vein after 15 GSW...superobese female...facilitated by thoracoabdominal exposure.

On Fri May 6th, 2011 11:04 AM EDT Nappio at aol.com wrote:

>Has anyone ever made use of semi-explanting the liver as in a liver  
>transplant by ligating the right hepatic, clamping the middle/left hepatics and  
>dividing them and then mobilizing the liver forward, but save the cbd artery 
>and  portal vein with a pringle., get complete exposure on the  cava, 
>completing the repair and then sewing in back in to a middle/left  hepatic vein 
>pedicle ???Just a thought..dn
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