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Prefered clamp for chest tube insertion ?

Doc Holiday drydok at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 31 16:17:40 BST 2011

Tube size 38Fr.
I prefer a curved mosquito forceps (sorry if it's not called that anymore) to dissect down to pleura and then through it. It's in our ED chest drain packs (which have very little in them anyway, on purpose).
There is NO trocar in our packs. If there was one in the packs, we'd send them back to the medieval museum. When I mention it in teaching (one of the very few things I talk about at lectures which I have never actually used) I don't call it a "trocar", but rather by its more accurate descriptive name of "visceral perforator" or "cardiac perforator" or "diaphragmatic impalement device"...
I generally do not use ANY forceps to insert the tube - I simply push it in with my own stubby fingers. However, when I DO use/teach some tool, it's usually a pair of surgical forceps I don't know the name of, but I found a picture which looks similar on Google and it's labeled as "10 inch Self Locking Stainless Steel Curved"...
Sorry for the non-surgeon speak, but then I AM a non-surgeon... ;-) 		 	   		  

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