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VOMIT - Victim of Modern Imaging Technology

Krin135 at aol.com Krin135 at aol.com
Wed Aug 24 23:58:37 BST 2011

agreed- I was predicating an order of operations based on not having any  
other imaging capabilities.
After I read your second note (including the information from the  multiple 
CT scans), I agreed with your order...somehow, the email concurring  with 
the changes didn't go through.
In a message dated 08/24/11 17:54:07 Central Daylight Time,  
drydok at hotmail.com writes:

Anyway,  there are cases and there are cases... If you ask the people I 
work with, I am  the one guy who will "get you" if you order unnecessary tests, 
so I am not a  fan of creating this "VOMIT" here described. I think there 
are many like me on  this List. No need to warn us off too many scans - 
that's not preaching to the  converted; more like preaching to the preachers... 
Could we not agree that  some cases CAN make use of a CT? I certainly DO NOT 
claim to have such  brilliant hands at clinical examination which make me 
never need a CT... I  know many others who would not claim to be that skilled 

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