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Trauma IV / IO debate

Charles Brault c_brault at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 24 08:15:40 BST 2011

Can we at least agree that the problem in Trauma Resus
Is not the IV itself but the FLUIDS
IV are actually GOOD things  ;-)
The practice, perhaps, not sufficiently EBM for some, is to put some in all critical patients ! ! !
So no use whipping the wagon for the horses
Some types have a very Black & White optical of medicine/life
They assume that...
If you have a gun
You will kill someone ! ! ? ?
So let those liberal minded Bi-Chromial types understand
That it is not the I.V. that "kills" people
But the fluid (or the wasted time putting them in to the detriment of good quality billard slab time)
It behooves ALL of us to remain clear in our line of discussion
And stick (Pun intended) the real issues

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