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Advanced Practitioner Workshop @ EAST (Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma) Conference January 2011

Doc Holiday drydok at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 28 20:34:32 GMT 2010

From: cvmmorris at gmail.com
> I was gently told that WHO used *midlevel*
--> I have been made aware of the word "midlevel" and that it is being used in various places. I find it a VERY poor description for ENPs (we don't have PAs). When people try to explain it to me they say that ENPs are "somewhere between doctors and nurses"... I guess like toddlers are somewhere between infants and grandfathers - i.e. a useless concept to me even if it were true 'cause it does not say how far between... But it is NOT true, because it seems to me at least to imply that these practitioners have progressed some way from nurse level to doctor level, as if these are on the same spectrum... As if sufficient further progress of a similar sort will get them to be a doctor...
To me "advanced" makes more sense, as ENPs are professionals with training which is more advanced than the basic training available. They are NOT "below" doctors - on their unique skills they are generally as advanced as doctors with the same length of experience, while on the skills they do not have, well, of course, they're nowhere...
I cannot find currently any level more advanced that an ENP can continue onwards to, so I cannot see them "mid" way to anywhere...
So I won't chastise you ;-) 		 	   		  

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