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Blood Loss from Vascular Injuries

Dr Timothy Hardcastle dr.tchardcastle at absamail.co.za
Sat Nov 6 07:01:03 GMT 2010


These would be very difficult values to judge - because it depends on
whther there is external ongoing bleeding or containment. It can vary from
about 20ml with a small pseudoaneurysm to all the blood-volume.

Easier to examine is fracture bleeding:
About 200ml per rib-fracture
About 500ml from humerus
Variable from Radius / ulna
About 1500 - 2000 from femurs and up to 5000 from pelvis
Tib-fib about 750ml
Other bones are about 300ml each
all these are bone bleeding itself, not accounting for vascular or other

As to vessel diameters:
Aorta about 2cm - 2,5cm
Carotids (common), innominate, subclavians, femorals about 6-8mm
Axillary segment about 6mm
Iliacs 8-10mm
Brachial and Popliteal about 5-7mm
Below knee and blow elbow vessels about 3-4mm

Dr T C Hardcastle
M.B., Ch.B. (Stell); M. Med. (Chir) (Stell); FCS (SA)
Principal Specialist Trauma Surgeon /
Honorary Senior Lecturer UKZN Dept Surgery
Deputy Director - IALCH Trauma Service
Durban, South Africa

> Does anyone know of rough estimates for blood loss from various major
> blood vessels?  If not, does anyone know of a good list of diameters
> for the major arteries and blood vessels?
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