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Combat Trauma Innovation 2011

McSwain, Norman E nmcswai at tulane.edu
Wed Nov 3 18:29:09 GMT 2010


Norman McSwain MD, FACS
Professor, Tulane School of Medicine
Trauma Director, Spirit of Charity Trauma Center, ILH/MCLNO 
norman.mcswain at tulane.edu
504 988 5111

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Subject: Combat Trauma Innovation 2011

Dear All
Please see the attached conference announcement from Combat Trauma Information.  This is a paid ad to the Trauma-list membership and will help keep the servers running.


*Register* <http://www.combat-trauma-innovation.com/334/335/index.php>

*Brochure* <http://www.combat-trauma-innovation.com/334/337/341/index.php>

*Venue* <http://www.combat-trauma-innovation.com/334/357/360/index.php>

*Speakers* <http://www.combat-trauma-innovation.com/334/361/index.php>

*Latest News* <http://www.combat-trauma-innovation.com/334/342/index.php>

 *Over the past decade the military trauma care community has seen an explosion in the number of developments in procedures and technology.  *

With fierce fighting still raging on the battlefields of Afghanistan, current trauma care practices and procedures are being tested on a daily basis.  Whether it be an enhancement in training the first responders or a significant change in the surgical procedure for treating head and neck wounds, there has never been a more important time to ensure that your knowledge, skills and abilities are up to date.

In London on the 18-20 January 2011 a fantastic opportunity has arisen to learn from the very best trainers, surgeons and medics in the business.
Over 20 world class experts will be gathering to share their knowledge, experience and opinions with the international civil and military trauma care communities.

*The full programme is available to download **here*<http://clarionconferences.com/clarionconferenceslz/lz.aspx?p1=T051S2484781&CC=&w=5254&cID=0&cValue=1>

*Combat trauma Innovation
bring together the world's forefront thinkers from the fields of trauma and pre-hospital care both from the military and civil health care community.  These attendees are attending this event to not only learn the latest procedures being used in theatre now but also to find out the developments in technology and equipment that could provide them with the advantage when facing critical wounds.

Top 5 reasons to attend Combat Trauma Innovation 2011

   - You will gain the most detailed insights into lessons learnt and
      emerging requirements from strategic leaders, procurement executives and
      operational leaders
      - This conference is aimed at increasing understanding in the public
      sector.  Attracting organisations such as the NHS creates a powerful mix of
      military and public sector healthcare professionals
      - As can be clearly seen by the *phenomenal speaker line up*<http://clarionconferences.com/clarionconferenceslz/lz.aspx?p1=T051S2484781&CC=&w=5335&cID=0&cValue=1>,
      we are attracting an incredibly distinguished and senior participant list to
      the conference
      - Gain firsthand accounts of operational experience in Iraq and
      Afghanistan allowing you to shape your products and offerings to the latest
      sector developments
      - The agenda is the most interactive of any conference in the defence
      or medical sector, with panel discussion, debates, and dedicated time for
      Q&A sessions, this truly does enable you to maximise the effectiveness of
      your time at the event

Over 20 ground breaking speakers from leading organisations will share their experience on a range of subjects from pre-deployment training to an examination of common wounds and their treatments through to Tactical and Strategic Evacuation.

Top invited military and civil healthcare specialists at Combat Trauma innovation 2011 include:

   - *Cmdre. H. W. Jung*, Surgeon General,  Department of National Defence,
      - *Lt. Col. Jens Tingleff*, Commanding Officer, Danish Field Hospital
      - *Capt. (N) Joseph Rappold*, Dept. of Surgery, Naval Medical Center,
      - *Lt. Col. Martin Schreiber*, Joint Theater Trauma Systems Director -
      Afghanistan, US Army, US
      - *Dr. Phillip Spinella*, Senior Clinical Investigator, Blood Systems
      Research Institute, San Francisco, US
      - *Brig. Gen. Per Bratlie-Jensen*, Deputy Surgeon General, Norwegian
      Armed Forces
      - *Dr. David Gaunt*, Accident & Emergency  Consultant, Watford General
      hospital, UK
      - *Col. Dr. Ulrich Kunz*, Head of Neurosurgical Department, Armed
      Forces Hospital Ulm, Bundeswehr, Germany
      - *Col. Dr. Frank Weber*, Neurologist,  Armed Forces Hospital Ulm,
      Bundeswehr, Germany
      - *Prof. Paul-Jürgen Hülser*, Director of Rehabilitation,
      Waldburg-Zeil Kliniken, Wangen, Germany
      - *Maj. Ron White*, Director of Pain Relief, Landstuhl Regional
      Medical Center, AMEDD, Germany
      - *Lt. Col. Robert Mabry*, Director Pre-Hospital Division, Joint
      Theater Trauma Registry, US Army
      - *Lt. Col. Russ Kotwal*, Deputy Surgeon, US Army Special Operations
      Command, US
      - *CSM Dennis L. Smith*, Command Sergeant Major, Ranger Training
      Brigade, US
      - *Col. (USAF) Joseph Brennan*, Head and Neck Specialist, 59th Medical
      Wing, USAF, US
      - *Col. Bryan C. Sleigh*, US Medical Liaison, HQ Army Medical
      Directorate, UK
      - *Col. Evan Renz*, Director - Burns Unit, Us Army Institute of
      Surgical Research, US
      - *Dr Par Johansson*, Director Transfusion Medicine, Copenhagen
      University Hospital, Denmark.

To see the full speaker line up please **click here*<http://clarionconferences.com/clarionconferenceslz/lz.aspx?p1=T051S2484781&CC=&w=5336&cID=0&cValue=1>
Registration is open. **Reserve your place by 12th November and save up to

Register online
contact our delegate manager on T: +44 (0)20 067 1831 / E:
*combattrauma at clarionevents.com* <combattrauma at clarionevents.com>

(please quote promotional code CTI TO when registering)

I look forward to meeting you in London.


Richard Mathews
Conference Director

w: *www.combat-trauma-innovation.com*<http://clarionconferences.com/clarionconferenceslz/lz.aspx?p1=T051S2484781&CC=&w=5259&cID=0&cValue=1>

       Supported by Organised by   [image:
  [image: Clarion Events]

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