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Toe Amputations

saad shebrain shebrain1 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 12 03:14:08 GMT 2010

My understanding is that; removing the big toe or two or more of other toes will significantly affect the mechanism of weight transmission and force distribution on the foot which will chronically lead to balance problem. Plantar arches, mainly the medial plantar arch  is important to distribute the force to the foot. 

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--- On Sat, 12/11/10, Stephen Richey <stephen.richey at gmail.com> wrote:

From: Stephen Richey <stephen.richey at gmail.com>
Subject: Toe Amputations
To: "Trauma &, Critical Care mailing list" <trauma-list at trauma.org>
Date: Saturday, December 11, 2010, 7:03 PM

Encountered a patient with a bad crush injury to the distal foot recently
and was talking to the surgeon who handled the case briefly and he mentioned
that they had to remove a couple of the patients toes but "succeeded in
saving the second toe, which is important".  I was called away before I was
able to ask why there is an issue with amputating that particular toe and
hence why I am asking the members of the list.  Is this a standard belief
(that one should try to avoid amputating that particular toe more than the
others) or is it just a quirk of this particular surgeon?

Stephen Richey

"A man's moral worth is established only at the point where he is ready to
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