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David G. Burris

Robert Smith rfsmithmd at comcast.net
Thu Dec 2 23:51:56 GMT 2010

What an eloquent tribute.

On Dec 2, 2010, at 4:11 PM, KMATTOX at aol.com wrote:

> It is appropriate that Dr. (COL) David G. Burris was buried today in  
> Arlington National Cemetery in our Nation's Capital.    This is a  symbol of full 
> military honors for one who is deserving and who has served our  country.   
>   He was a man of honor, of dignity, of  service, of faith, and of 
> substance.     Dr. David Burris  was also a complex man of many talents and 
> visions.   It will never go  un noticed that he was Chairman of the Department of 
> Surgery for one of the most  visible programs in the country, - the Norman 
> Rich Department of Surgery at the  Uniformed Services University for the 
> Health Sciences.    While  in that position he developed a number of focused 
> curricula, including several  in surgical simulation and decision making.    He 
> also was  deployed to Iraq to be a surgeon in the trenches, to serve the 
> wounded warriors  of our country.    
> David Burris also was a man of faith, of hope, of  reality.    Years ago he 
> discovered, like many humans that he had  to live in symbiosis with a 
> medical condition not of his own  choosing.    And live he did.    He was the 
> very  example of equanimity, poise, and hope.    He sought out the  science, 
> and lived with the treatments all the while fulfilling his life long  love of 
> work.    In this role of the patient, he provided the  ideal example of how 
> each of us can interact with our patients.   
> It his been the positioning of the Uniformed Service University for the  
> Health Sciences that I give Dr. Burris and his associates tremendous  
> accolades.    With the development of the Capital Military  Medical Group, centered 
> around the Bethesda USUHS campus, this activity is now  positioned to be 
> "world class" and "standard setting," in competition with other  major Health 
> Science Centers around the world.   The elements of world  class are well 
> recognized throughout academia, and Dr. Burris often spoke of the  elements 
> which are next essential to position USUHS, WRNMC, etc. along with  other 
> centers of excellence.    Even since his untimely death, I  have heard persons 
> both inside and outside military medicine and the DOD address  the next steps 
> in unifying all of the elements of the Academic Health Science  Center - the 
> real military medical school house - appropriately in  Bethesda.     Thank 
> you, David for sharing, this your final  vision and dream with the academic 
> and military world.  
> May your vision become a reality.  
> Kenneth L. Mattox, MD
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