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Pre-hospital trauma follow up

ghowd at statems.net ghowd at statems.net
Wed Nov 4 04:37:51 GMT 2009

Funny, this was something I was pondering today. You mention the obvious obstacles involved. I believe it would be more palatable to the hospital if one person charged with oversight of the agency"s CQI obtained the information rather than individual providers. 
Clinical Quality Coordinator
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From: "Sherry, Scott :LPH Trauma" <SSherry at LHS.ORG>
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2009 20:23:56 
To: Trauma-List [TRAUMA.ORG]<trauma-list at trauma.org>
Subject: Pre-hospital trauma follow up

Does anyone have any current process in place for pre-hospital providers to follow up on trauma patients that were cared for in the field. What are / may be the issues that would have to be considered (including hippa) How do you would you structure this program. This would be intended for QA / QI and to give feedback to EMS providers primarily. What are the unintended consequences?  What should be included in the feedback as a learning tool v just telling what the patients injuries were. 
Shock Trauma - R Adams... had one years ago  before 1999 that would allow EMS to querry what happened to their patient whenafter transported. While pretty basic in informationI thought it was helpful in the couple times I filled out the form and allowed me to reflect on my treatment...  email me directly or place comments on list. Thanks. 


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No Level I studies. This is the only MA that is specific to critically
ill pts. The full manuscript was recently accepted in Intensive Care
Medicine, and should be released on-line soon.


moore677 at aol.com wrote:
> Is anyone aware of any Level I data that supports early (within 48 hours) enteral nutrition in trauma or critically ill patients where outcomes, mortality, LOS, etc. are improved?? I am an ardent supporter of feeding the gut ASAP and I am trying to find good data to support this........................Dell
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