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An authoritative definition of "trauma"

Howard Berkowitz hcberkowitz at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 27 13:51:10 GMT 2009

Rather to my surprise, there is no pure definition of "trauma" at Trauma.org. Here's my challenge: I'm dealing with a wiki article where some advocates want to focus on stress disorders (to say nothing of recovered memory therapies) that are secondary only to psychogenic events, and mostly child abuse (and, in this case, ritual abuse conspircies).  They are preempting the word "trauma" as a synonym for child abuse; they are ignoring even combat stress.

I want to start a core article on trauma that then can branch into the sort of multisystem trauma that is of chief interest here, but also include psychogenic traumas. Once that structure exists, I'd like to invite participation, but I need to solve the immediate hijacking of the concept.

If there really is no good formal source that can be used, can a consensus definition be created here?

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