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A Regional Trauma System for London

Bjorn, Pret pbjorn at emh.org
Wed Mar 25 11:44:38 GMT 2009

Congratulations to all who've brought (dragged?) you this far.  I'm very
familiar with what an important and historic milestone you've reached.

Ken's correct of course that surgeons should be enlisted and invested in
the system to the strongest possible degree; but allow me to suggest
that inclusive systems are unsustainable if you start thinking of them
in terms of new, exogenous, top-down architecture.  Maine's inclusive
trauma system was built by ratifying and amplifying existing processes
and practices: identifying the long-beaten paths, then PAVING them.  

This approach is surely informed by the insights of surgeons at trauma
centers; but trust me, those same surgeons have learned much from rural
EMTs and docs and EM nurses along the way.  Speaking for my region,
northern and eastern Maine has increasingly come to behave like one huge
hospital, with REALLY long corridors.  It's an incredibly instructive
paradigm with enormous returns in terms of overall process, and I'm
convinced it would not have been achievable without making inclusivity
the first mission of the system.

Best of luck, Karim.  We'll all be watching and rooting for you.

Pret Bjorn, RN
Bangor, ME USA

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Karim:   Is there any way we on this list can assist you and your
in London in any way.   Assure that the planners fully  understand what
trauma system is and that the involvement of surgeons in the  care of
all trauma 
patients is essential from prevention, to planning, to EMS,  to the
room, to the emergency room, to the OR, to the ICU, to the  Clinic, to
programs, to education, to research.      Congratulations.
Kenneth L. Mattox, MD
In a message dated 3/24/2009 6:05:28 P.M. Central Daylight Time,  
karimbrohi at gmail.com writes:

Oops -  wrong link to the  survey!

2009/3/24  Karim Brohi <karimbrohi at gmail.com>:
> Dear All
>  London is on the brink of getting a regional inclusive trauma system
>  (finally!! - and England & Wales are likely to follow in the next  2
> years or so).  The process is out to public consultation at the
>  If you live in London now is the time to have your say - and to tell
>  all your friends and families to have their say on whether they want
>  an inclusive trauma system or not - and how they would like it
>  configured.  Please use the link below to complete the  consultation
> questionnaire (you can download the consultation document  from the
> website)
>  All being well we'll be up and running by April 2010 - but there are
>  still some significant hurdles to overcome, so this round is very
>  important.
> Many thanks
>  Karim
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