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Medical vs Trauma Resuscitation

Jason Van der Velde rescue at doctors.org.uk
Wed Dec 16 18:10:12 GMT 2009

Medical vs Trauma Resuscitation

These are 2 completely different pathophysiological 
states, as highlighted in depth by eminent posters on this 
list. The problem of “intermediate" trauma care training 
which Dr. Forrest appears to be pulling his hair out 
about; is one which many of us in similar governance roles 
share around the world, and I would welcome a firm stance 
on this issue, and can only offer support to Mark with his 

We appear to be up against people trained in protocol 
following who simply do not have the basic science 
background to understand why they are wrong. “The protocol 
says!” “You can’t go against the Resus Council!” “Health 
and Safety says”.  Sadly these blind followers are in 
positions of power and influence, after-all the Cardiac 
Life Support Industry is a multibillion Euro entity; have 
you seen the cost of the latest (in)capacitor for 

Bottom line, all statutory state responders need to be 
singing off the same hymn sheet. I believe if our Garda 
(police) or Fire personnel are to be trained and expected 
to provide primary response to a trauma casualty, whilst 
awaiting paramedic support, then they need to be trained 
and supported as professionals and NOT be placed into the 
same category as a lay person who might do this once in 
their lives. I would go further and include specialist 
rescue units, ie. mountain, USAR or sea, who find 
themselves in areas where EMS can not function normally, 
to be allowed to invest in their training and not treated 
like lay persons singing “McEwens is the Best Beer!”

Dr.  Forrest, if your textbook publisher wants EXPERT 
opinion, please forward them onto appropriately qualified 
trauma specialists. I’m sure other MDs on the list will be 
willing to put their names forward to support you, to put 
this nonsense to bed once and for all.

Dr. Jason van der Velde
Medical Director
Eagraíocht Tarrthála Éireann

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