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Two left renal arteries?

Stephen Richey stephen.richey at gmail.com
Sun Jun 29 22:20:30 BST 2008

I have another question about anatomical variability.  How common is it for
someone to have two renal arteries on the same side?  I know it happens, but
I have never seen it discussed in any of the books I have on anatomy.  I
know I ask a lot of these sorts of questions, but I am still learning and
haven't had that annoying natural curiosity beaten out of me yet.  If anyone
could provide some input on this for me, I would appreciate it.

Also is there any text that lists common anatomical variables for things
like vascular structures, etc?

Stephen L. Richey, CRT
Aviation Injury Research Project Leader
Saginaw Valley State University
Phone: 248-366-4452

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