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Ranjith Ellawala ranjithellawala at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 1 16:52:22 BST 2008

Dear Dr.Mr E Miner,FRCS  
 Gen Surgeon
  Yu will find some useful data at WHO; ADPC( Thailand);PAHO websites.possibly at CDC ( Atlanata) as well espacilly the bomb blasts.
  We arte facing Diasters everyday, we have done planning with lot of difficulties. If you wish we can share the experience.
  Good luck
  Dr.Ranjith N.Ellawala
  Consultant Surgeon
  Trauma Unit,
  Sri lanka

elijah miner <naneli2006 at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
  I wonder if you could send me guidelines on the production of a Major Accident Plan for hospitals in a Third World setting. This should cover plans for RTAs, Airplane disasters, Oil Spillages with resultant chemical poisoning, Boat accidents and Burns etc. 
   Mr E Miner,FRCS  
     Gen Surgeon

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