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(no subject)

Ronald Gross Rgross at harthosp.org
Mon Feb 25 16:05:19 GMT 2008

The short answer is yes.

>>> Anthony Caruso <medic541 at hotmail.com> 2/25/2008 9:42 AM >>>

Just curious, but do these patients with cord compromise respond well to certain types of catecholamine infusions????
Anthony Caruso EMT-P
> From: KMATTOX at aol.com> Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 22:09:22 -0500> To: trauma-list at trauma.org; RUTLEDGELEGALRN at aol.com> CC: > Subject: Re: (no subject)> > Which case are you referring to specifically. We now know that > prehospital fluids more times than not are a DETRIMENT to survival. You do not usually > "but time" by infusing fluids, unless the BP is below 50/- and one cannot > feel a peripheral pulse. If there is a pericardial tear, then change in > position is a better option than giving fluids and drugs in the ambulance. > AND paramedics should most of the time NOT put tubes and needles into a > chest. . I feel more strongly AGAINST interosseous needles in the EMS setting. > > > k> > > In a message dated 2/24/2008 9:01:18 P.M. Central Standard Time, > RUTLEDGELEGALRN at aol.com writes:> > This case fascinates me. Would the initial resusitation with IVF's buy time > > as it appears happened in this patient's case, in the events you describe as > > possible? > > > > > > > **************Ideas to please picky eaters. Watch video on AOL Living. > (http://living.aol.com/video/how-to-please-your-picky-eater/rachel-campos-duffy/> 2050827?NCID=aolcmp00300000002598)> --> trauma-list : TRAUMA.ORG> To change your settings or unsubscribe visit:> http://www.trauma.org/index.php?/community/ 
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