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htaed_rd at 123mail.org htaed_rd at 123mail.org
Mon Feb 25 03:17:27 GMT 2008

On Sun, 24 Feb 2008 22:09:22 EST, KMATTOX at aol.com said:
> Which case are you referring to specifically.    

The patient's blood pressure measurement was outside of the hypotensive
range after the administration of IV fluids.

This gives the appearance of buying time, since there are too many
people in medicine who treat the vital signs and not the patient.

Even if it leads to worse outcomes for the patient.

Tim Noonan.

> We now know  that 
> prehospital fluids more times than not are a DETRIMENT to survival.   You
> do not usually 
> "but time" by infusing fluids, unless the BP is below 50/-  and one
> cannot 
> feel a peripheral pulse.    If there is a  pericardial tear, then change
> in 
> position is a better option than giving fluids  and drugs in the
> ambulance.       
> AND paramedics  should most of the time NOT put tubes and needles into a 
> chest.   .   I feel more strongly AGAINST interosseous needles in the EMS
>  setting. 
> k
> In a message dated 2/24/2008 9:01:18 P.M. Central Standard Time,  
> RUTLEDGELEGALRN at aol.com writes:
> This  case fascinates me. Would the initial resusitation with IVF's buy
> time  
> as it appears happened in this patient's case, in the events you describe
>  as 
> possible? 
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